The UITP (The International Association of Public Transport) and the BBC have produced a series of reports on mobility in different cities around the world such as Singapore, Sydney, London, Dubai or Barcelona, among others.

Far beyond a functional role, transport is a lifeline for society – a portal via which we access healthcare, education, jobs and loved ones. Though public transport and urban mobility has always had a major impact on communities and social interactions, unprecedented new realities have brought its relationship with our quality of life more sharply into focus.

This series will explore the central and meaningful role that public transport plays in our lives. The big reset offers the chance to design a greener, safer and more connected future for mobility. Above all, the series will aim to shift the optics of public transport away from the empty carriages and deserted streets of past months. Capturing community and vibrancy, these films will feature and celebrate the many faces of public transport: the passengers, the innovators and those working within the industry who help to keep people moving.

More information on the BBC website